Computer systems designed by computer users for computer users.

We are incorporated in Texas with offices in the cities of San Antonio and Rome, Italy.


We are currently privately held. 60% of our stock is held by it's members. 40% of our stock is held by a philanthropic foundation.


Our products are manufactured in Europe and are free from accessible backdoors or hidden security-defeating devices of any kind.


We are a for-profit enterprise however maximization of profit is not our  practice. We are a service oriented private business.


We maintain compensation limits for executive management.




Our purpose is to save the world the 3 trillion plus dollars lost every year due to the insecurity of the computers which have been mistakenly adopted by the public for Internet use.


The global cost of malicious hacking of computers, cyber crime and the loss

of property due to cyber theft and espionage is now $3 trillion dollars a year and climbing.


Although companies, governments and individuals are spending colossal sums on cyber security efforts, the amounts lost to this problem continue to increase.     The private cyber security industry is now a one hundred billion dollar a year enterprise which creates nothing and merely seeks to preserve property already created by others.     The $3 trillion dollar cost to the world from Internet threats arises because the public

has been persuaded to use the Internet unsafely for functions that used to be performed safely by other means.


Our purpose is to provide computers and data storage which cannot be penetrated by criminal hackers, thereby saving the global

economy trillions in value now lost to criminals and malignant governments.


Companies now spending large budgets on cyber security efforts will no longer need to spend such monies.    And when those security efforts fail and they have to spend even larger sums to investigate and repair malicious intrusions.     These are all costs we seek to save our purchasers and clients.